Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fear Journal

When i was a kid the thing that always had scared me the most was when i was about 8 years old and me and my family came back from my cousins orchestra concert and we headed to my aunt and uncles house to stay and chat for a little bit. We arrived at their house earlier then they had so we just walked in there. Well that is when the fun began.
It was a very late night and it was pitch black out. I was young and nieve and belived in all the horror stories i was ever told. It was one of those nights where you did not want to be alone for long at all. The story began when we walked in the front door and we were taking off our shoes when the creepy music would start in the movie. As we were taking off our shoes we all of a sudden heard the phone beep really loud on speaker phone like someone had just hung up. What was creepy was that no one was home. Then we heard the T.V on and we all got scared because we were absolutly sure no one could be home because we just saw everyone at the concert. The last thing we saw was the curtain down the stairs moving like someone went into the room. That was it for us and we ran out of the house so fast. My mom took us back to the car were we sat for a while till my aunt and uncle came home. I never understood why we did not leave the house and come back later but we sat and waited. I was telling my mom "come on we have to leave now someone is in there to get us" but we stayed there.
When my aunt and uncle got there we told the whole story to them and then my uncle slyly went into the house very cautiously and looked around. And relized that no one was home. The phone rang because the answering machine was on and the person did not leave a message. Then was found out that their cat was sitting behind the curtain making it move. But we never did figue out why the t.v was on but they figured that it might have been the neighbor boy that could have done it because he has gone in there before to play some sega with nobody home before.
This was one of my most frighting experiances in my life. Everything was just right and it seemed like i was going to be suddenly attacked and would be sleeping with the fishes soon.
This can relate to Golding's Lord of the Flies because the littluns in the book were also young and nieve as I was when they were on the island. They believed in the story of the beastie since the first time they had heard it and anything that was out of place must of been the work of the beastie. They were scared of anything they could not see. They even killed people because they were a shadowey figure in the night that scared all the boys and the beastie had the power to toy with their minds in every which direction that they wanted to think.